Nature Trail of Anaga - Chasna (Camino Natural)



The Nature Trail of Anaga-Chasna is one of the long-distance trails of Tenerife; a route that goes through forested areas and the hills of the island to the delight of hikers, who will have the privilege of admiring along the way the great contrasts offered by the landscapes of Tenerife, from lush vegetation to quaint volcanic formations, all of it crowned by the imposing Mount Teide.

The island of Tenerife is the largest and highest of the seven islands of the Canary archipelago. It has 43 protected natural areas - distributed throughout the island - which cover 45% of its total area. The high level of protection of the territory is just a reflection of the diversity and uniqueness of ecosystems and landscapes that can be found in an area less than that of any other Spanish province.

What catches the visitor’s attention powerfully is the quality and quantity of contrasts offered by Tenerife: from lush laurel forest formations in middle and high altitudes to volcanic landscapes, particularly Teide National Park with its volcanic cone, which remains active and is the highest peak in Spain, at 3,718 meters. The island also offers a combination of black sand beaches and high cliffs, and villages that preserve their typical colonial-style architecture.

Its insular nature, combined with its volcanic origin and a mild climate, without sudden or extreme changes in temperature and weather conditions, has generated many endemic animals and plants. These unique features have turned Tenerife into an important focus of attention for nature lovers and researchers from around the world.

The Nature Trail Anaga-Chasna or GR-131 is one of the two long-distance trails on the island. Starting in the northeast of Tenerife, in the Anaga range, it goes through the central region of the island in a south-westerly direction from the town of La Esperanza to the historic quarter of Arona.

The trail runs through the forest areas of the island, along ridge lines, and covers most of the Forest Trail and the Royal Trail of Chasna, one of the roads used most frequently in the past by the people of Tenerife to link the North and the South.

Due to its length, around 90 kilometers, GR-131 is divided into five section, each of which has its own character, characterized mainly by the dominant vegetation, the level of human intervention in the landscape, or the climate.

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